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Previous Stuff

  • While re-designing this website, I took the time to make some big changes for メトロノーム ‘s entry. I basically re-scanned artwork for some releases and added missing releases, including albums 5th狂逸インパクト and 阿吽回廊, singles 阿ッとして吽 and 箱庭空間 and miscellaneous releases 誰のせい and 致死量フリーク 症例・2. Their discography should now be more complete then ever!

    I have furthermore bought 13 older releases including the last missing singles, albums and some nice miscellaneous stuff. Scans will be added once the package has arrived!

  • Out of nowhere Angel-TAKA announced on Instagram that UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ will continue as a new formation under the name Neu:NOIZ!

    Further details are unknown, including any new band members, but their first gig will be on the 29th of June in Tokyo! Wouldn’t it be something when at least TAKEswiy returned to the band…?

    I now need to contemplate about whether I will add this incarnation under UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ or as a new band…

  • Mumm-Ra are starting to develop a feeling for out-of-the-blue releases. In 2013 and 2014 they dropped a single and mini-album out of nowhere. Then a compilation album in 2020 and now, TODAY, they dropped a new single called called washout. Now available on all major platforms!

  • After 12 years, a previously unknown CD version pops up on the internet for Mirrors’ debut album Lights And Offerings. It is a withdrawn edition! Details can be found here!

  • UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ unfortunately announced today that they will go on hiatus after their last gig in early February 2024! It seems that 呼太郎 wanted to leave which prompted MASATO to leave as well. This means there aren’t any guitarists left in the band and they lost one of their main songwriters and long-term members (MASATO, who joined in 1999).

    Angel-TAKA indicated that he will think about a new band, but details are unknown at this moment.

  • In the past few months I have been adding all missing UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ releases including a few regular commercial singles and a ‘recent’ concert-only single.

    The best addition was however added yesterday which is a very rare early cassette from the late 90’s called G・O・D! Click the link for more details.

  • Latest collection feature

    VDGG Masks 7″

    In March 2015 I listened to the band Van der Graaf Generator for the first time. UK magazine Record Collector had an article about them which sparked an interest and so I decided to give them a try. Nine years later and I am now fully hooked, including the singer’s solo output. I never intended to collect them, yet here we are: I recently bought two UK Charisma pink scroll albums from 1970 and 1971 for a pretty penny, a 1969 promotional US 7″ and today I got this lovely 7″ single called Masks.

    It is a French promotional single, released in October 1976, which only features the song Masks. Since that song lasts for 7 minutes and no proper edit was or could be made, it was decided to cut it into two pieces and put each piece on one side of the single.

    As with many French singles from that time, the back side is plain white. And again, as with many promotional French singles from that time, this one also features a promotional stamp on the back.

    What most, or probably none, of the singles for this release have, are signatures by the whole band! This particular copy features signatures by Peter Hammill (vocals, guitar and piano), Hugh Banton (organ), David Jackson (saxophone) and Guy Evans (drum and percussion) which were obtained by a big and well-known VDGG fan and collector during the early to mid-80’s.

    This single is already rare, but these signatures give it a great additional touch, making it even more special and desirable. Or at least for me it does..