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  • Latest & Greatest

    Angel-TAKA revealed the two new guitarists earlier today for Neu:NOIZ, the reincarnation of UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ.

    The first one is called sebastian who is also the guitarist for BULL ZEICHEN 88, although they went on a break as of late 2020.

    The second one is DAISHI from (amaterasu). A band who at least still perform live these days.

    The remaining UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ members (Angel-TAKE, 叫 and YAMATO) will take part in Neu:NOIZ as well.

    Am curious to see and hear what the new members will bring to the table, what their style of music is going to be and whether they plan to release new music anytime soon!

Previous Stuff

  • When メトロノーム released an album or single back in the day, some shops gave away a bonus disc in the form of a CD or DVD with some unique content. Three of those releases have been added to the website today being a 2001 Club Indies 自主盤倶楽部 CD, a 2007 Like an Edison CD for a single and another Like an Edison release which is a DVD for an album.

  • Zebra and Snake have been added back to RunOutGrooves. You can again find all of their releases, including some new scans and photos. I also corrected one huge error: the 2010 single Big Bad Drummer was for whatever reason never on the website!

  • Artwork for four albums by メトロノーム or featuring songs by メトロノーム has finally been added to the website. The albums are:

    All album artwork should now be available on the website for this band!

  • All メトロノーム CD’s came in this week, so it is now time for me to digest, rip and scan them all.

    The first two have already been added being the 2003 3″ CD-single featuring ドクター and the 2006 CD シンセカイ. Both feature otherwise unreleased demo recordings!

  • It’s been 12 years since I launched this website (on the 30th of January 2012 to be precise). Four months later, on the 26th of May, I already updated its design and used it ever since.

    A lot has happened in the world of website designs, but also when it comes to creating and maintaining a website. This website was showing its age. I already toyed with the idea to make it a bit more modern for at least 2 years, but never went for it until recently.

    It wasn’t easy as I am not a professional and rarely update the site these days, so I have little experience or interest to stay relevant. This meant I had to delve into the world of WordPress (the platform I chose this time) and learn it the hard way.

    Long story short, I hope you like it and once again enjoy your stay!

    Besides a new look I also added missing releases, scans and information where possible. Especially メトロノーム got a nice boost!

  • Just as with メトロノーム, while re-designing this website, I took the time to make changes for UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ‘s entry. I re-scanned artwork for EGO-style, TERRA, CUBE, GREAT ROCK’N’ROLL HEROES, Sixxx Sense and 宇宙戦隊プラズマ☆アミューズメント.

    While buying stuff for メトロノーム, I stumbled upon two Japanese auctions with strange NOIZ CD’s so I bought those. I have no idea what they are, but will add them once the package has arrived and they are suitable for the website!

  • Latest collection feature

    VDGG Masks 7″

    In March 2015 I listened to the band Van der Graaf Generator for the first time. UK magazine Record Collector had an article about them which sparked an interest and so I decided to give them a try. Nine years later and I am now fully hooked, including the singer’s solo output. I never intended to collect them, yet here we are: I recently bought two UK Charisma pink scroll albums from 1970 and 1971 for a pretty penny, a 1969 promotional US 7″ and today I got this lovely 7″ single called Masks.

    It is a French promotional single, released in October 1976, which only features the song Masks. Since that song lasts for 7 minutes and no proper edit was or could be made, it was decided to cut it into two pieces and put each piece on one side of the single.

    As with many French singles from that time, the back side is plain white. And again, as with many promotional French singles from that time, this one also features a promotional stamp on the back.

    What most, or probably none, of the singles for this release have, are signatures by the whole band! This particular copy features signatures by Peter Hammill (vocals, guitar and piano), Hugh Banton (organ), David Jackson (saxophone) and Guy Evans (drum and percussion) which were obtained by a big and well-known VDGG fan and collector during the early to mid-80’s.

    This single is already rare, but these signatures give it a great additional touch, making it even more special and desirable. Or at least for me it does..