Zebra and Snake were a duo from Finland, creating synth-pop music like in the good old 80’s, which is mixed with some goth, rock, electro and trance. They started somewhere in 2007, signed to Kaiku Studios in Berlin, Germany, and had their first release in 2009 which was a single called The Colours. 2010 saw their first digital EP release called Nighttime which is a great piece of music. Too bad that the guys don’t seem to like it these days.

After their EP they were busy with doing the occasional performance and writing and recording for their debut album Healing Music which wasn’t released until May 2012. The album was preceded by their second digital EP entitled Sweetest Treasure which was released in February.

The band released a single in December 2014 called We Belong To The Summer and another one in late 2016 called In The City which was followed by a new EP in November. They left without a trace after February 2017.

For more information, please visit one of the following sites:

Zebra and Snake @ Facebook

  • Zebra and Snake have been added back to RunOutGrooves. You can again find all of their releases, including some new scans and photos. I also corrected one huge error: the 2010 single Big Bad Drummer was for whatever reason never on the website!

  • Grab your wallet, because Zebra and Snake have released their new EP called European Broken Heart which contains five brand new tracks, including their most recent single In The City. I think it is a great EP and well worth the wait!

  • Out of nowhere Zebra and Snake released a new single today called In The City. It is a very good and fun tune I think and am already playing it on repeat. This single release will be followed by a new EP in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more info once I know more!

  • I feel ashamed. It took me about two weeks to add Zebra and Snake’s NEW single We Belong To The Summer to the website. But here it is, go and check it out, it is a nice tune! And we can expect more from them in 2015!

  • An update for today which contains two exiting items, not because of their looks, but because of their nature. I have added a vinyl test pressing and an instrumental in-house CDr for Zebra and Snake’s 2012 debut album Healing Music. Check out the details here!

  • Just as an FYI: Zebra and Snake are back in the studio, recording album #2! I have no idea if we can expect something this year, but I sure do hope something will be released in 2014.

  • Updates for two artists today!

    First of all I added some more info about the latest Zebra and Snake promo CD for Empty Love Song. It seems that this release is pretty limited!

    宇宙戦隊NOIZ’s album METEORS was released in Japan today and is available as a CD and a limited edition CD/DVD package. It also seems that they released a limited tour CD in the Philippines this month called NOIZ SUPER HITS BEST COLLECTION. It is supposed to be limited to 100 copies only and comes in a jewel case with no back sleeve. I hope to get a copy or at least more information as soon as possible.

  • It’s Zebra and Snake day today! 🙂 I’ve added three promotional releases this evening. The first one is a two track CD for Empty Love Song, their single from August. The other two are pretty rare promotional releases from this year which feature three ZAS tracks (plus songs by other artists such as Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and Matisyahu). The first disc features album tracks whereas the second disc contains the same tracks as full instrumentals!

  • Zebra and Snake announced a new single this week being Empty Love Song. There are no further details known yet, but a new entry has already been made for this single plus you can view the new video.

    The final update for today is for メトロノーム’s first rare mini-album ヤプーが召喚された街. High resolution scans have been added plus some further details.

  • At last. It took me two weeks, but I nailed it. As you can see I re-designed the whole website. I got a bit tired of the previous design as it looked too dark, almost too depressing. I hope you like it and that you consider it as an improvement!

    Now let’s move on to the good stuff! First off all I have added catalogue numbers to each and every release that is featured on this website. I already did a few last month, but the missing ones have now been added.

    I furthermore created separate entries for each type of release. You have the option between Albums, Singles, EP’s or Miscellaneous. I hope that this improves the browsing experience a bit. You certainly do not need to scroll down that much anymore! 😉

    A few new releases have been added. Find below the list, broken down per artist:


    Counteraction —V-Rock covered Visual Anime songs Compilation—; a new compilation CD from Japan which features one cover song by 宇宙戦隊NOIZ. This song is stunning if I may say so!

    Zebra and Snake:

    Money In Heaven; scans of the promotional CD has been added.

    Healing Music; did you know that there are minor differences for each format of this album? No? Well then, head over to their page and see the differences. I have furthermore added three different promotional CDr copies that were created for the album.

  • Scans of Zebra and Snake‘s debut album Healing Music (the CD copy) have been added. The package comes with a small poster which also features full album lyrics. Nice!

  • Don’t forget that Zebra and Snake‘s debut album Healing Music will be released tomorrow in Germany and on Monday for the rest of Europe! Grab a copy while you can! You can also order CD and vinyl copies from their official store!

  • All the latest information has been added about Zebra and Snake‘s debut album Healing Music. This includes the full artwork and complete track listing for CD, vinyl and the digital release.

  • The pages for Mirrors, Zebra and Snake and 宇宙戦隊NOIZ are now online. The full discography is available for each artist. Check out Zebra and Snake for regular updates, as a new single and album are coming up soon!