Mirrors were a band originating from Brighton, UK. They started when indie rock band Mumm-Ra broke up. James, the singer from Mumm-Ra, met Ally and they formed Mirrors soon after James “Tate” joined them, a member from Mumm-Ra as well. When Josef joined, the original line-up was complete and the four started to work on material.

Mirrors were compared with and influenced by Kraftwerk, OMD, Depeche Mode, Joy Division and Primal Scream. They are in the end a band who very well reproduce the good old 80’s synth-pop sound!

Their first release, Look At Me, was a nice red 7″ single, self-released through Pure Groove from 2009. Their second single was released through Moshi Moshi and from there they were picked up by Skint Records which led to one album.

Ally left the group in October 2011 and moved to the US to try his luck with Lovelife. Mirrors’ deal with Skint was over, so they were an unsigned band by late 2011. Still they self-released a new digital EP in January 2012 which contained two new tracks and five unreleased demos. Their first single of 2012, called Hourglass, was released on the 18th of June which is their final release to date.

For more information, please visit one of the following sites:

Mirrors Appreciation Society @ Facebook

Mirrors (official) @ Facebook

  • After 12 years, a previously unknown CD version pops up on the internet for Mirrors’ debut album Lights And Offerings. It is a withdrawn edition! Details can be found here!

  • 10 years after its release I stumble upon a promotional CD release which I never saw before! This is a UK promo for Mirrors’ debut (and to date only) album Lights And Offerings. It isn’t a great or interesting looking release, but hope you are as exited as I am!

  • Remember how surprised I was last year when an unseen Mirrors promo hit the internet? Well, it happened again and, by coincidence, for the same single! Last year it was a Dutch CDr promo for Into The Heart, today it is a variant of the (common) UK promo CD which comes with full artwork versus a white disc with minimum artwork.

  • We all love Mirrors so I am happy that I found a copy of this promotional CDr from Greece which features the 2010 Hamburg performance when they were the support act for OMD. Only 25 copies were apparently made.

  • Just when you thought that you own most, if not all, releases by Mirrors, a new promo pops up on the internet. The update of today features a Dutch promo for their 2011 single Into The Heart which comes in a jewel case.

  • OUT NOW! Mirrors’ latest single Hourglass. Click the link for details and info where to buy it!

  • Mirrors just released a video for their upcoming new single called Hourglass. Not much about this single is known yet except that it will be released on Monday June the 18th and will be available through their official Bandcamp website.

  • Fresh news just came in from Mirrors through their Facebook page:

    Currently watching Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle) live at the De La Warr Pavilion and it’s blowing our minds! Now we’re thinking… It’s been too long. If there are any Mirrors fans still out there, we’ll be putting 2 new tracks out on Monday the 18th June.

    Mirrors x

  • Those who thought that the new Mumm-Ra section contains all releases are wrong, as I was still missing one promo (well, to my knowledge!). This CDr came in today and is now available for viewing.

    A 2002 compilation CD from Japan arrived today as well which features two songs by メトロノーム. I mainly purchased this release to see if one track is the same recording or not when compared to the recording on a demo cassette. And it appears to be a re-recording, making the cassette even more desirable!

    The last update is for Mirrors. I’ve acquired a new test pressing for their 2009 debut single Look At Me which is for the released version. “Are there more?” Yes! Just head over to their section and check out the differences!

  • The pages for Mirrors, Zebra and Snake and 宇宙戦隊NOIZ are now online. The full discography is available for each artist. Check out Zebra and Snake for regular updates, as a new single and album are coming up soon!