Lovelife were a band who started in or around April 2012. They were initially a duo from the UK who resided in New York. The first half was Leonard Newell, the singer of the band Viva Brother, who officially split on the 1st of April 2012. The other half was Ally Young who left Mirrors in September 2011.

Their debut digital release was released on the 21st of August 2012. A second EP was released in December 2012. A few more singles and EP’s followed in 2013 and 2014 until the band split and Leonard returned to Viva Brother in 2017.

For more information, please visit the following site:

Lovelife (official) @ Facebook

  • I must admit that I have lost my interest in Lovelife a bit. Their first release was very good, their second and third were OK but then something happened and now they make teen girl pop music, or whatever you want to call it. It just ain’t my thing.. Although their most recent single again sounds very good!

    So while listening to Van Der Graaf Generator I recalled that I still had to add two releases, both digital from last year. The first one is Silk Road, an acoustic EP and the second is The End Of The World, a single, well, if you can classify this as a single.

  • Well here you go. I just added two releases by Lovelife. The first one is their latest digital-only single release called Angel. The second release is a bit more interesting, although it does not contain any new music, being XXX which is another tour-only CD from March this year.

  • We can expect a new digital EP from Lovelife as of February 4th. You can check the details and the artwork over here! The EP will be called Feel and is going to feature four recordings.

  • Here we go, the first update for 2014 which is for Lovelife. I’ve made scans of their latest 10″ EP called Stateless tonight including the regular (but limited) commercial release plus a white label test pressing (probably limited to 5 copies). Enjoy!

  • Two miscellaneous releases for Lovelife tonight! The first one was a CD EP issued in April this year called MMXIII and was for sale during a short US tour. The second release was released only one month later on lovely vinyl, being a split 7″ with The Neighbourhood with the tracks West Coast/Every Minute.

  • I already got this item somewhere last week, but didn’t felt like scanning and updating the website until now. This is a promotional CD copy of Lovelife’s latest EP Stateless. Besides the unique radio edit that can be found on the disc it also comes in a slightly alternate sleeve!

  • In case you missed it: Lovelife issued a new EP last week Monday called Stateless. You can buy the digital release right now but need to wait another five weeks before the 10″ vinyl disc is released. Until then you can read all the details here about this new release, including info about a promotional copy and the initial, scrapped, release!

  • It took one month to cross the big pond, but I finally received Lovelife’s first single today called Your New Beloved/Dying To Start Again and yes, it is a double A-side (how old-fashioned!). It was issued in June in the US this year. We can expect a new EP this Autumn.

  • Final update for today and it includes two Lovelife releases. One was released last month where they were featured on the B-side of the split 7″ single West Coast/Every Minute. The A-side is by the band The Neighbourhood.

    The other release will be issued on the 17th of June in the US which will be their first physical single featuring Your New Beloved on the A-side and Dying To Start Again on the flipside.

  • Lovelife issued a new tour-only EP last month called MMXIII. I do not own this release yet so I cannot show any scans, but the info should be fairly accurate. So ready – set – Go! and start searching for a copy in case you miss one.

  • Lovelife announced a new EP about 35 minutes ago which is going to be called Stateless and will be released this Summer. The formats remain unknown so far, but I am sure that we can at least expect a free digital copy and possibly a vinyl release (fingers crossed!).

  • I guess that we can now put a ‘Collectable!’ stamp on Lovelife since I tracked down a promotional CDr for their second EP The Fourth Floor. The first opportunity to have their music on an official CD!

  • While listening to Bowie’s new album The Next Day, I added a new single release by Lovelife called Dying To Start Again which was released yesterday as a free download. Grab it while it is hot! A new EP can be expected in late Spring.

  • Two great updates for today. The first one is a scan of Lovelife’s latest 10″ vinyl EP The Fourth Floor. The front and back are available for viewing.

    The second addition of today is a very rare item, being 宇宙戦隊NOIZ’s 1995 demo cassette CRAZY FUCK. At this stage they were still called NOIZ and only two core members were part of the band. The music was furthermore nothing compared to what they create today. Check the details on the release page including scans.

  • And so I was expecting Lovelife’s The Fourth Floor EP to be released tomorrow, but it seems to have been delayed with one week which was already announced some time ago. I’m getting old 🙂

  • Not a new single, but a new song from Lovelife’s forthcoming EP The Fourth Floor has been released today called Your New Beloved. You can listen to it over here on Soundcloud.

  • Yeeeaaahhh they are taking our lives tonight! with the news of Lovelife’s second EP called The Fourth Floor. It will be released digitally and on vinyl on the 10th of December. It furthermore looks like a new single will be released this week as well!

  • 宇宙戦隊NOIZ announced further details for their upcoming album METEORS. Check out the track listing, artwork and different editions!

    Don’t forget that you can download Lovelife’s debut EP El Regreso for free as of yesterday from their own website!

  • Seconds are ticking away. It won’t be long anymore until Lovelife release their debut EP El Regreso digitally and for free through their own website. In the meantime you can listen to the full EP online at until the download comes out tomorrow. So far it sounds like the EP is going to feature new versions of songs that were previously released as demo recordings!

  • Well that was fast! I discovered them a few days ago and just decided to add them to RunOutGrooves. Who? Lovelife! They have not released a single or album so far, but you can check out three songs which they published a week ago. Enjoy!

  • Ally Young, who left Mirrors in September last year, started a new project called Lovelife. They have unleashed three songs so far which sound pretty good. Check them out! I will monitor them closely and might add them here one day.