メトロノーム (read: metronome) are a band originating from Japan and were active between 1998 and 2009 and re-formed in Autumn 2016. They had quite some line-up changes with Sharaku (vocals) and Fukusuke (guitar) being the only original members.

They said that they traveled through time from the year 2005 to 1998 to boost their record sales, hence their futuristic themes and outfits. In 2005 they however pretended that they never said this 😉

メトロノーム create electronic punk & rock music, mixed with heavy metal, some dance influences and quite some old video game sounds. Most (mini-)albums start with an ambient soundtrack to set the mood.

After quite some singles, mini-albums and albums they released two compilations in 2008 with newly recorded versions of well-known songs and announced that they would be “shutting down” after their last Japanese gig on May 31st 2009. They however released a new single in September 2016 and a new album (aptly called CONTINUE) was released in March 2017. Four further albums have been released so far with their latest release issued in July 2023.

If you go through their discography, you will find out that they re-recorded quite some songs over the years. Some songs even three or four times in the span of 20 years!

For more information, please visit the following site:

Official Home Page

  • When メトロノーム released an album or single back in the day, some shops gave away a bonus disc in the form of a CD or DVD with some unique content. Three of those releases have been added to the website today being a 2001 Club Indies 自主盤倶楽部 CD, a 2007 Like an Edison CD for a single and another Like an Edison release which is a DVD for an album.

  • Artwork for four albums by メトロノーム or featuring songs by メトロノーム has finally been added to the website. The albums are:

    All album artwork should now be available on the website for this band!

  • All メトロノーム CD’s came in this week, so it is now time for me to digest, rip and scan them all.

    The first two have already been added being the 2003 3″ CD-single featuring ドクター and the 2006 CD シンセカイ. Both feature otherwise unreleased demo recordings!

  • While re-designing this website, I took the time to make some big changes for メトロノーム ‘s entry. I basically re-scanned artwork for some releases and added missing releases, including albums 5th狂逸インパクト and 阿吽回廊, singles 阿ッとして吽 and 箱庭空間 and miscellaneous releases 誰のせい and 致死量フリーク 症例・2. Their discography should now be more complete then ever!

    I have furthermore bought 13 older releases including the last missing singles, albums and some nice miscellaneous stuff. Scans will be added once the package has arrived!

  • Some more メトロノーム releases have been added today and they are all the singles that were still missing all these years. They are セルフコントロール (2002), 一週間 (2004) and コンピュータ (2004).

    I also added 三つ数えろ, a 2003 release which was only available at three concerts and through mail order.

  • It’s been a while (over a year!), but I haven’t forgotten this website. I got some “new” メトロノーム releases lately which I will slowly add to their discography page.

    The first three I added are some early releases with the most interesting one being a demo cassette from May 1999 (in three days it’s been 22 years since it was released!). It’s the demo tape for 東京バビロン and I am happy to have added it to my collection. The other two releases are for their 2001 CD-single release プラスチックーモデルス / PLASTIC-MODELS. More to be added in the upcoming days!

  • Last update for the year which is again for メトロノーム. Today I added details for the 2004 single 妄想トリック and two fairly recent concert-only releases being しゃーたん&めとたん (2017) and 東京バビロン (リクエスト再録ver.) (2018).

  • This evening I added the last few new releases by メトロノーム which were still missing from the website. They are albums 廿奇譚AHEAD and 確率論≠paradox and single Catch me if you can?.

    Three more releases will be added in the next few weeks once I have received them.

  • It’s been a while, but I decided to add the last few releases by メトロノーム and started with CONTINUE, their first album since they ended their hiatus in 2016 and 弊帚トリムルティ, a single from 2018.

    Two more albums and a single will be added in the next few days.

  • This may very well be the debut for this single on the internet when it comes to scans of the artwork!

    Earlier this week I shared details of メトロノーム’s latest single which was released three months ago. Today I am sharing details including scans of their first ever single called SINGLE TOP Religion. This is a very rare and hard to find release from 1999 and I am happy to have finally added it to my collection and on this website! Enjoy and I wish you a merry Christmas and a good New Year!

  • As I mentioned last week, メトロノーム released a new single in September of this year called 解離性同一人物 which I completely missed. Today I received a copy for which you can find the details including scans over here. Let’s hope that they will make more new music in the near future!

  • It appears that メトロノーム have re-formed and are back again since Autumn this year after a hiatus of seven years!! They also released a new single in September called 解離性同一人物. Obviously I ordered a copy yesterday evening as soon as I read this news. Am not too sure if I will still get it before Christmas, but if I do, I will add it here as soon as possible.

    It is currently unknown if more releases can be expected, though a few new concerts have been planned in Japan.

    Am hyped as hell! 😀

  • Second small update today which is again for a Japanese artist. This time for メトロノーム featuring the second release for their demo of 致死量フリーク, issued in 2000 on cassette.

  • It’s been a while since I found a nice uncommon release by メトロノーム but a few weeks ago I stumbled upon their first CDr which was handed out during a concert in Japan on December 9th 2000, almost 14 years ago. It features a song called アリガト and comes with no artwork.

  • It took a while, but I finally bought メトロノーム’s mini-album LIFO about a week or so ago and it arrived earlier this week. Scans have been added today which means that high quality scans are now available for all of their albums! Next stop: their singles (if I ever find the time and, more importantly, the money!). Have a nice weekend!

  • I’ve added a scan of メトロノーム’s 東京バビロン concert-only CD-single today. Nothing too spectacular I must admit since you can get it quite easy, although it was only released in 2004 on June the 27th and only available on that particular day. The thing is that it is normally for sale around ¥3500-¥4500 (roughly €28-€35) excluding shipping plus many other fees which is too much in my opinion for just a disc with no sleeve. I however found a cheap copy (¥1200) about two weeks ago which is a much better price. Gotta love collecting 🙂

  • Second update for tonight! I have added メトロノーム’s last two singles to the site being たわいないトワイライト and ぞんび君. Both were issued in 2007 and both are the standard CD releases.

  • It is メトロノーム night again I’m afraid! I got a bunch of stuff from Japan today including:

    Digitalian Space, a pretty rare compilation CD from 1997 which features a track by ピコピコポン, the band before they turned into メトロノーム one year later.

    Work has finally begun on their singles section. Two singles arrived today and I already had one, so I have added all three tonight being プラネット, ス・ペ・エ・ス!ロマンチック and 朧/空.

  • It is always great to be contacted by a fellow fan, especially when it is for a band who are no longer active plus who are not that popular outside of Japan. With the help from James I was able to add more info and releases (sans scans at the moment) to the Miscellaneous section of メトロノーム. I think that you can now find a fairly accurate overview over there though any info or corrections are still welcome! There are also a number of singles in the mail coming over from Japan, meaning I will start work on the Singles section anytime soon.

  • I finally found some time to make an update. This one more or less got stuck in the mail and finally arrived after three weeks. It is a neat 2002 demo cassette called プチ天変地異 by メトロノーム which still comes with the original envelope in which it was handed out.

  • I initially thought that the following item was a very early demo cassette by メトロノーム, but it turned out to be even better. It is a demo cassette by ピコピコポン which is how they were called before they renamed themselves to メトロノーム a few months later. Check the details for プラネット right here, right now!

  • I always feel like inspector Gadget whenever I get a new demo cassette by メトロノーム since not much info is available on the internet about these releases, plus my Japanese ain’t that great. Anyway, I received two new ones today. One is from 1999 called 8bitガールズ ブラボー and the other is 致死量フリーク which is in fact the first release out of three for the same song! Release #1 and #3 are now available for viewing.

    Another (very rare!) cassette will be added in the next two weeks which is from 1998 and is very likely the second cassette they released at that time. Unseen until now…

  • Only one more album left and there is an image available for each album by メトロノーム. Today I have added scans of their 2007 mini-album サイクルリサイクル.

  • Two new demo cassette releases have been added for メトロノーム. The first one is for プラネット, the second for 東京バビロン which seems to be unknown on the internet…. until now!

    I’ve also added the final missing single of 宇宙戦隊NOIZ which was ミラクル★ロケットG5. This is however the limited tour edition!

  • Zebra and Snake announced a new single this week being Empty Love Song. There are no further details known yet, but a new entry has already been made for this single plus you can view the new video.

    The final update for today is for メトロノーム’s first rare mini-album ヤプーが召喚された街. High resolution scans have been added plus some further details.

  • Two new (well, old) releases have been added for メトロノーム. The first one is an uncommon demo cassette tape for 世界はみんな僕の敵 which was issued in 2001. The other item is a 2003 promotional 3″ CD-single for コンピューター which also features a demo recording.

  • Those who thought that the new Mumm-Ra section contains all releases are wrong, as I was still missing one promo (well, to my knowledge!). This CDr came in today and is now available for viewing.

    A 2002 compilation CD from Japan arrived today as well which features two songs by メトロノーム. I mainly purchased this release to see if one track is the same recording or not when compared to the recording on a demo cassette. And it appears to be a re-recording, making the cassette even more desirable!

    The last update is for Mirrors. I’ve acquired a new test pressing for their 2009 debut single Look At Me which is for the released version. “Are there more?” Yes! Just head over to their section and check out the differences!

  • At last! The two demo cassettes by メトロノーム have been added to the website. So quickly hop over to their page, check all the details and marvel over their hand-made sleeves!

  • So what has happened recently? I had a short Easter break and went away for a few days. Hence the work for Mumm-Ra has been delayed a bit, though it is coming together nicely. I even bought another promo of them this week for the album which I had not seen before.

    I’ve also decided to remove the Updates section and move all updates to the main page so it is easier to see when an update has been made.

    The two demo cassettes by メトロノーム came in this week and will be added soon (I hope later this evening, else tomorrow). I think that RunOutGrooves will be the first website (or at least the first Western website) that features high-res scans of these rare cassettes.

  • It has arrived! An early 3″ demo CD of メトロノーム. Check their section for all the details!

  • The albums section for メトロノーム is now ready. Singles will be added whenever I buy them (one special release is already in the mail and will be added once I get it) 😉

    メトロノーム you say? Yes, that sounds like “metronome”. They are a band from Japan and created some great futuristic electro punk.