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Previous Stuff

  • It’s been a while (over a year!), but I haven’t forgotten this website. I got some “new” メトロノーム releases lately which I will slowly add to their discography page.

    The first three I added are some early releases with the most interesting one being a demo cassette from May 1999 (in three days it’s been 22 years since it was released!). It’s the demo tape for 東京バビロン and I am happy to have added it to my collection. The other two releases are for their 2001 CD-single release プラスチックーモデルス / PLASTIC-MODELS. More to be added in the upcoming days!

  • Last update for the year which is again for メトロノーム. Today I added details for the 2004 single 妄想トリック and two fairly recent concert-only releases being しゃーたん&めとたん (2017) and 東京バビロン (リクエスト再録ver.) (2018).

  • This evening I added the last few new releases by メトロノーム which were still missing from the website. They are albums 廿奇譚AHEAD and 確率論≠paradox and single Catch me if you can?.

    Three more releases will be added in the next few weeks once I have received them.

  • It’s been a while, but I decided to add the last few releases by メトロノーム and started with CONTINUE, their first album since they ended their hiatus in 2016 and 弊帚トリムルティ, a single from 2018.

    Two more albums and a single will be added in the next few days.

  • This may very well be the debut for this single on the internet when it comes to scans of the artwork!

    Earlier this week I shared details of メトロノーム’s latest single which was released three months ago. Today I am sharing details including scans of their first ever single called SINGLE TOP Religion. This is a very rare and hard to find release from 1999 and I am happy to have finally added it to my collection and on this website! Enjoy and I wish you a merry Christmas and a good New Year!

  • As I mentioned last week, メトロノーム released a new single in September of this year called 解離性同一人物 which I completely missed. Today I received a copy for which you can find the details including scans over here. Let’s hope that they will make more new music in the near future!

  • Latest collection feature

    Genesis The Knife 7″

    As shown in the previous post, I have a special place in my heart for Genesis. I knew some of their hits, but took a deep dive around late 2001 by starting to listen to albums such as Duke, A Trick Of The Tail and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. It didn’t take long before I was completely hooked and yes, I like all eras!

    It was clear to me from the start that their early singles weren’t big hits and thus rare or hard to find. It was therefore always a dream for me to own just one or two Gabriel-era singles (up to 1974).

    In the past few years I was able to obtain Happy The Man and Watcher Of The Skies with picture sleeves on 7″, but The Knife was still high on the list.

    That single was finally removed from the list on 13 April 2024 when I was able to buy it from a collector and picked it up at the world’s largest record fair in Den Bosch, NL. It is a great looking copy, especially when considering that it is 53 years old (released in 1971)!

    This was the first Genesis single in the UK with a picture sleeve and it is a curious one, since Phil and Steve are not featured on the recording, though they are in the band photo. The single only features one song, The Knife, split across two sides, where it simply cuts the song off after 3:16 minutes on the A-side and continues for the remaining 5:39 minutes on the B-side. No fading, nothing. The 2007 remix of The Knife on The Tour Edition compilation Turn It On Again fades out at the end, making it not a true rendition of Part 1.