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  • I must admit that I have lost my interest in Lovelife a bit. Their first release was very good, their second and third were OK but then something happened and now they make teen girl pop music, or whatever you want to call it. It just ain’t my thing.. Although their most recent single again sounds very good!

    So while listening to Van Der Graaf Generator I recalled that I still had to add two releases, both digital from last year. The first one is Silk Road, an acoustic EP and the second is The End Of The World, a single, well, if you can classify this as a single.

  • I am sure everyone has been waiting for this update 😉 UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ released their new single ROMANTIC☆AMADEUS last Wednesday on the 14th of January which contains two new tracks plus the instrumental versions. It has turned out to be a good single, where the second track is maybe the best of the two!

  • I feel ashamed. It took me about two weeks to add Zebra and Snake’s NEW single We Belong To The Summer to the website. But here it is, go and check it out, it is a nice tune! And we can expect more from them in 2015!

  • It appears that UCHSENTAI:NOIZ will release a new single on January 14th 2015 called ROMANTIC☆AMADEUS. So far one edition has been confirmed with four songs of which two are instrumentals. I will update the website in the next few days with all the details

  • It is time for an early Sunday morning update featuring UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ. They released a new compilation album in Philippines on August the 2nd called LEGEND OF THE ROCK’N’ROLL HEROES which features new versions of two previously released songs plus a DVD with videos.

  • Better late than never! This update contains Mumm-Ra’s latest release Back To The Shore which was issued digitally in February this year and recently on CD in Japan. Check here all the details.

  • Latest collection feature

    Genesis The Knife 7″

    As shown in the previous post, I have a special place in my heart for Genesis. I knew some of their hits, but took a deep dive around late 2001 by starting to listen to albums such as Duke, A Trick Of The Tail and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. It didn’t take long before I was completely hooked and yes, I like all eras!

    It was clear to me from the start that their early singles weren’t big hits and thus rare or hard to find. It was therefore always a dream for me to own just one or two Gabriel-era singles (up to 1974).

    In the past few years I was able to obtain Happy The Man and Watcher Of The Skies with picture sleeves on 7″, but The Knife was still high on the list.

    That single was finally removed from the list on 13 April 2024 when I was able to buy it from a collector and picked it up at the world’s largest record fair in Den Bosch, NL. It is a great looking copy, especially when considering that it is 53 years old (released in 1971)!

    This was the first Genesis single in the UK with a picture sleeve and it is a curious one, since Phil and Steve are not featured on the recording, though they are in the band photo. The single only features one song, The Knife, split across two sides, where it simply cuts the song off after 3:16 minutes on the A-side and continues for the remaining 5:39 minutes on the B-side. No fading, nothing. The 2007 remix of The Knife on The Tour Edition compilation Turn It On Again fades out at the end, making it not a true rendition of Part 1.