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Last modification: 2012-04-26

Here you will find all of Anothers Blood's releases that cannot be classified as an album, EP or single. The band only existed for approx one year, yet they managed to record one track that ended up on a compilation CD for the magazine MOJO...

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Power Corrupted & Lies Covered: CD Power Corrupted & Lies Covered: CD
CD release

Power Corrupted & Lies Covered

This compilation CD was given away for free as part of the February MOJO magazine, printed and released in the UK. It features one song by Anothers Blood which is a cover of the New Order song Lonesome Tonight.
  1. The Golden Filter - Age Of Consent
  2. Tarwater - We All Stand
  3. Errors - The Village
  4. S.C.U.M - 586
  5. Fujiya & Miyagi - Your Silent Face
  6. Seekae - Ultraviolence
  7. Walls - Ecstasy
  8. Destroyer - Leave Me Alone
  9. Biosphere - Blue Monday
  10. Zombie Zombie - The Beach
  11. Lonelady - Cries And Whispers
  12. Anothers Blood - Lonesome Tonight
  13. K-X-P - Murder
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