Here you will find all of Lovelife’s miscellaneous releases.

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    April, 2013

    MMXIII was released in April 2013 during their North American Tour with Capital Cities. It comes in a black card sleeve.

    CD release

    Cat. nbr.: self-releasednone

    Track listing:

    1. Your New Beloved
    2. Dying To Start Again
    3. Invisible
    4. I’m No More
    5. Brave Face (MMXIII Version)

    All songs are taken from their EP releases, although Brave Face has the first four seconds from the ‘demo’ version added to the song and is missing the short interlude at the end of the track.

  • West Coast/Every Minute

    This is a split 7″ release with The Neighbourhood’s West Coast on side A and Lovelife’s Every Minute on side B. It was only available during the Love Collection Tour in the US for which Lovelife were the support act for a couple of nights.

    7″ vinyl release

    Cat. nbr.: self-releasednone

    Track listing:

    Side A

    1. The Neighbourhood – West Coast

    Side B

    1. Lovelife – Every Minute

    Every Minute was initially considered to be included on the Stateless EP, but was ultimately replaced by Midnight Swimming.

    My copy has swapped labels, so the A-side has the label of the B-side and visa versa. I have no idea if all copies have the same problem or if I am lucky enough to own a one-off.

  • XXX

    March, 2014

    This was their second tour release and was issued in or around March 2014. It once again comes in a card sleeve.

    CD release

    Cat. nbr.: self-releasednone

    Track listing:

    1. Dying To Start Again (EP Version) (Radio Edit)
    2. Exhaler
    3. Your New Beloved
    4. Stateless
    5. Doomsday

    Dying To Start Again is the radio edit which can also be found on the promo CD of Stateless.