Highlighting unknown, obscure or simply excellent musicians

A small personal website with the aim to share detailed release information for a number of artists, but also to highlight some items from my collection

Previous Stuff

  • The albums section for メトロノーム is now ready. Singles will be added whenever I buy them (one special release is already in the mail and will be added once I get it) 😉

    メトロノーム you say? Yes, that sounds like “metronome”. They are a band from Japan and created some great futuristic electro punk.

  • My full collection (a list of it that is) can now be viewed online. I am also working on a new artist page. This time for メトロノーム.

  • The pages for Mirrors, Zebra and Snake and 宇宙戦隊NOIZ are now online. The full discography is available for each artist. Check out Zebra and Snake for regular updates, as a new single and album are coming up soon!

  • Already a new design for the whole website as I did not like the previous one. I will now also concentrate on filling some gaps.

  • The day this website was launched!

    I previously ran a website called Queen Picture Hall, which can be accessed through the About menu. That was dedicated to Queen. This new one will cover multiple artists.