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Enough with the reading! This website is all about music so dive into the world of ビリー and check some of their songs and videos below:

レベッカ (4:53)

ロッキンプリンセス (3:54)

Butterfly United (4:03)


Last modification: 2012-04-27

ビリー (read: "biruu") or Billy are a visual kei band from Japan who started in 2004 and "stopped" in 2009. I say "stopped", because they did not really stop, as they only changed their name (and image) mid 2009 to 花少年バディーズ (read: hana shounen baddies) or Baddies. I must admit though they I kind of lost my interest in their reincarnation a year later and this section is therefore only for their first period.

So what are these guys capable of? Well, it's pop, rock, metal, blues and ballads, all mixed in the well-known visual kei style. Although some songs, especially 独唱・大鐘を鳴らす男(完全版), lean toward modern progressive music.

Their first few releases were concert-only single/demo releases. These are not covered here, unless I am able to track a few down. Their first mini-album is from 2005 which was remixed and re-released eight months later for whatever reason. A few more mini-albums and singles followed until their brilliant album Bouquet was released and their second and "final" album just ten months later.


Find below an overview of their current releases, broken down by each type of release. Click on a title for further information including tracklisting, catalogue numbers and artwork.

2005: ベイビースグッバイ再会
2006: ベイビースグッバイ再会[Re-mix]
2006: ウィリアム
2007: Bio-造形するバイオ
2008: Bouquet
2008: Bright
2006: ウェンズデー~怪物は死ぬ事にした~
2007: Butterfly United
2008: ロッキンプリンセス
2008: レベッカ