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Last modification: 2012-11-28

Here you will find all of Anothers Blood's album releases. They have released just one album which was seven months after they disbanded.

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Anothers Blood: digital album
Digital releases

Anothers Blood

This was a pleasant surprise as nobody really expected this, but seven months after they disbanded they released their debut album. It was issued digitally only.
Three tracks were available on the two singles. A few were initially released as demos on YouTube which were deemed good enough to end up unaltered on this album. Others were once issued as live sessions and were re-recorded for the album. Only Get In The Way was a completely new track.
  1. Lost Communication
  2. Get In The Way
  3. Let Me Go London
  4. Ballymore
  5. Erika
  6. Ghost In The Wind
  7. Westway Lights
  8. Through The Dark
  9. Foreign Nights
  10. When The Weather Talks
Label – Catalogue number:
Digital album: UNIT FIVE – unknown